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Looking for an expert carpenter in Diepsloot? We pride ourselves in providing the most affordable and high quality products. Solo Munaka Projects appreciates the both the trendy and traditional designs to meet your needs. Our creative designers are here to help you come up with the solution that fits your space.

We also do use a wide range of wood to meet your needs coupled with the best finishes like high gloss. Contact us to build the kitchen or bedroom of your dreams with Solo Munaka Projects.

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Not sure what to choose? Here's what to consider when looking to install or build a new kitchen..

  1. Take into consideration the needs of your family/business/ institution – There is a chance that you will have to accomodate new family members or visiting relatives, a beautiful kitchen cabinet will definitely be of help. As for your organisation, a spacious enviroment will be suitable for your customers or employees.
  2. You cannot move a fitted kitchen cabinet – It will beautify your room and keep safe your investment.
  3. The size of your room – When coming up with design best for your room, consider also the space you are working with.
  4. The interior of your kitchen cupboard – The inside is as important as the outside of your unit. Depending on your needs, you need to be aware of the setup that would fit for you. For example, if the room is going to be for kids, reach is an important factor when designing. This also applies for organisations

We are also specialist in

  • Stand-alone Kitchen cabinets Designs and building
  • Fitted Kitchen cabinets Designs and Installations
  • Institution Projects like School Kitchens, Hospital Kitchens and Staff Residence or Lodge/Hotel Design and Installations
  • General Real Estate Building Renovations

Other Services We Offer in Diepsloot